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What We Do

PMT Consulting has over 30 years of experience and offers Project Management and Training Consulting Services for all business types from the small-to-medium sized enterprises to corporate accounts. We specialize in analyzing business processes for those who are looking to improve their bottom line where we structure clear project plans and training around implementation. Here are some of the benefits we can provide to your business:

  • Standardize Processes and Improve Quality
    • Are some or all of your staff members doing tasks differently, producing slightly different results and possibly impacting quality?
    • Do you have clear instructions for newly hired staff for consistent training?
  • Increase Efficiencies and Streamline your Business
    • Do you find that you or your staff spends time doing things that are not adding value to your business?
    • Is your business achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense?
  • Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Profits
    • Do you find yourself writing check after check each month for what seem to be never-ending expenses?
    • Is it difficult to find time to audit your expenses and identify cost reduction opportunities?

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